Co-host of BreakPoint - Chuck Colson Center


Woodburn Missionary Church - Woodburn, Indiana

"I invited Mike Spencer to preach at Woodburn Missionary Church on the Sanctity of Human life.   Mike did an outstanding job communicating a subject that is very sensitive in our culture in a way that was meaningful, insightful, logical and most of all full of grace & truth.  Mike Spencer will continue to be a go to resource for our church in the days to come.  I highly recommend you invite him to speak at your church as well.  


Lead Pastor - Refuge Church - Ann Arbor, MI

Balancing conviction and compassion, Mike Spencer is a much needed voice in the battle for the unborn. As a Lead Pastor, I have had the privilege of having Mike speak to our church on numerous occasions. He is a gifted apologist, preacher, and advocate for human rights, beginning in the womb. As a former pastor, Mike is also a shepherd, desiring to see those who have been affected by the sin of abortion, experience healing and hope through the cross. The church cannot afford to be silent, while many may even suffer silently in our midst. If you are looking for someone who will insightfully and gracefully equip your church to be a voice for the unborn, women, and families, you will not be disappointed by having Mike as your guest. 


Professor of English - Hillsdale College - Hillsdale, Michigan

Michael Spencer is an outstanding pro-life apologist, combining in his presentation compelling autobiographical details (how he came to be a committed defender of vulnerable unborn babies), indisputable scientific evidence (human life begins at conception), disconcerting analogies (abortion has much in common with slavery and the holocaust in that all three target specific groups of people), and natural law arguments about human equality and dignity. His arguments for the pro-life position are excellent, and presented with the right degrees of objectivity, passion, and compassion.


Executive Director - Elizabeth Pregnancy Center, Dayton, Ohio

An excerpt from a letter from the organizer of the 40 Days For Life rally after Michael was a keynote speaker in 2010
The 40 Days for Life core team all agrees that you were one of the very best pro-life speakers we have ever had at our rallies! That is one reason we invited you back again this fall. Your compassion, depth of knowledge, ability to tie messages in with the scriptures and the passion with which you deliver your message are very compelling. We are blessed to have you in our area and thankful others will benefit from your clear, powerful articulation of the sanctity of human life and our responsibility to help promote the value and worth of each human person starting with the tiniest preborn child.


Executive Director - Alliance Pregnancy Center, Alliance, Ohio

Mike Spencer was the highlight of our 29th annual banquet. Our guests were captivated by his message and challenge to defend the unborn. At the close of the evening, he challenged our attendees to stand behind our ministry. As a result, our supporters gave sacrificially and we experienced approximately a 10% increase in donations and pledges from the previous year. Mike’s timely message to join the battle for life did not fall on deaf ears for we hear over and over again how much our guests loved the speaker, how they could have listened to him a little longer and how they would definitely come back if he were the speaker at our next banquet. We listened and the Alliance Pregnancy Center is honored to have Mike Spencer return as our guest speaker for our 30th Annual Banquet this March 2015!


Executive Director - Pregnancy Resource Center of the Monadnock Region, Keene, New Hampshire

Mike engaged our donors and area pastors with the injustice of abortion and his passion for the unborn person was very convincing. We were on the edge of our seats. Some reported, “This was the best sermon I’ve ever heard!” Mike brought awarness of the important work we do to those in attendance. As a result, pastors have been motivated to volunteer and have invited us to speak in their churches. Mike also took time to meet and greet folks beforehand. People are still talkinag about him. We would have him back again!


President - Dallas Baptist University

Mike did an excellent job presenting a very difficult topic undergirded with biblical truth in a loving way to our students.


Chair of Theology - St. Thomas Aquinas High School - Overland Park, Kansas

When you bring in a guest speaker the two “must haves” are passion for the topic and dynamic speaking abilities. Mike is overflowing with both! He has given talks to our high school students both as an all-school assembly and classroom presentations. Our students were completely engaged and every question on the pro life topic was answered extremely well, fusing science and philosophy/theology perfectly.


Conference Attendee, Keene, New Hampshire

I attended Mike Spencer’s training seminar and came away with a renewed conviction to “speak the truth to my neighbor” (Eph. 4:25) about abortion, but in a delicate, respectful manner. His persuasive arguments, mixed with humor and heartfelt stories, whet my appetite for all that the Life Training Institute could offer. This training is particularly valuable for high school and college students, who face these issues on a daily basis with their peers. Our culture is all to quick to believe whatever they hear about abortion being a woman’s choice, or a fetus being just a blob of tissue. Abortion has become an abstract idea to many of them. Mike challenges these basic beliefs by examining the facts, revealing information about the science of embryology, and uncovering the lie that organizations like Planned Parenthood spread. More people need to attend these seminars in order to both challenge the status quo, and also be the guardians of human equality that Jesus calls us to be!


Executive Director - St. Joseph County Right to Life, Indiana

Mike Spencer served as the keynote speaker for our Respect Life Prayer Dinner, and did a phenomenal job. We tasked him with the challenge of exhorting the pastors and ministers in attendance, along with lay people, to speak the truth boldly in their churches regarding the sanctity of unborn life, while also showing mercy and compassion to women and men in their congregations who suffer from past abortions. He did not disappoint! In fact, he exceeded our expectations with a most impassioned presentation, resulting in a rousing standing ovation from all present. Mike’s words seemed to stir people to action and true charity—that of proclaiming the truth in love.


CEO - Covenant Christian High School, Indianapolis, Indiana

Michael has a unique ability to connect with any audience, without compromising the truth. I’ve had Michael speak to our students and have also heard him speak in various settings over the years and I’m always amazed at his ability to inspire even the most skeptical listener. He is engaging and compassionate toward others, always maintaining a special place in his heart for young people. I can think of no one more suited to take up the call to speak on these pressing issues.


Director Pee Dee Pregnancy Resource Center, Rockingham, North Carolina

Mike Spencer was the keynote speaker for our 2016 Fall Banquet for Life. He was recommended by the director of another Pregnancy Center. I had no idea what a gift we would receive. Mike’s passion for the prolife movement extended well beyond the speaking forum. He was truly engaged in the ministry and vision of our pregnancy center and its effect on our community from the moment he arrived in town. One of our guests came up to me after the banquet and said, “My whole understanding of abortion has changed and I would have considered myself somewhat pro-choice before tonight.” That is why we will be bringing Mike back again for a Pastor’s Workshop–his ability to convey the message of life so that you leave different than you came. Thank you Mike!


Batesville Christian Church, Batesville, Indiana

“When we first invited Michael to speak in our worship services and conduct a seminar later in the day on how to make the prolife case, we expected it to be a one off event.  However, he did such an outstanding job and connected so well with our people, we have invited him back two other times so far.  Besides prolife training, he’s well equipped to address other topics.  For example, he spoke to our young people on how to persuasively, yet graciously, defend their faith.  The kids loved it (and so did the parents who attended).  We can’t wait to have him back!”   


Chaplain - Lansing Catholic High School - Lansing, Michigan

Michael Spencer came to Lansing Catholic High School and spoke to all of our grade levels, freshman to senior. He did an amazing job of connecting with students of varying ages and backgrounds. I have never before received such positive student feedback about a speaker. Mike delved deep into the abortion debate and yet brought the students along step by step. This was an eye-opener for our students, and even those who were firmly in the pro-life camp found new motivation to go make a difference. We would love to have Mike return again to give us further training in pro-life apologetics.


Pregnancy Resource Center Employee - Pregnancy Resource Center of SW Oklahoma

Mike was powerfully effective at making a case for life.  He was loving and compassionate, yet spoke with authority and precision.  We were in awe of his words. This truly was one of our most successful banquets ever. God moved in people’s hearts to give more than ever, close to $82,000!


Executive Director - Helping Hands Pregnancy Resource Center - Bluffton, Indiana

Mike Spencer was a pleasure to work with. His communication and people skills are excellent. His attention to detail and his desire to understand our ministry to provide the best possible presentation was greatly appreciated. Mike is an inspiring speaker that had our attendees talking long after the event was over. Not only is Mike a godly man with a passion to promote pro-life, but he is a professional seeking to honor God in all he does. I highly recommend Mike Spencer as a speaker at any type of pro-life related event or organization.


Citizen for Life - Crawford County Citizens for Life, Eric, Pennsylvania

Mike’s message met our mission and was encouraging and motivating. One attendee commented afterward, “I’ve waited all my life to hear someone say the things he said!” The following Sunday, we were unexpectedly blessed as our pastor (who attended the banquet) delivered a passionate message on the protection of life. What an encouragement to see immediate results! We hope to have Mike back in the future!


Executive Director - Birth Choice of San Marcos, California

Mike Spencer was an eloquent, enthusiastic and dynamic speaker whose stories and presentation moved our audience in powerful ways. Significant funds were raised and donors caught the vision for our pregnancy center as never before. Mike understands the core issues of the pro-life message as few other speakers do, and is able to communicate those in a brilliant way. Many commented after the banquet about the tremendous impact Mike’s message had on them personally. We were extremely happy with Mike and whole-heartedly recommend him to others!


Executive Director - Aspire Women’s Center Laconia, New Hampshire

Mike Spencer was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a master of the art of communication. Mike and I spoke several times before our annual banquet, as his desire to understand our ministry and goals were paramount to his eloquent apologetics presentation of the why of being pro-life the night of our event. This banquet was one of our best, not just because we exceeded our fundraising goal, but because Mike is a humble and sincere man gifted by the Lord. Mike helped us glorify God – our most important ministry goal at Aspire. We will definitely have him back!


Executive Director - First Care Women's Clinic - West Palm Beach, Florida

Mike Spencer spoke at our benefit dinners in November 2016. He did an outstanding job and people gave over $530,000, our highest amount ever. Mike was compelling, compassionate and persuasive. The way that he spoke about the issue was fresh, intellectual and easy to understand. Mike was universally applauded as one of the best speakers we have ever had. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information about Mike or his presentation.


High School Student

Dear Mr. Spencer,

Just recently, you came to Lansing Catholic High School and presented your extraordinary and moving stand on abortion and being pro-life. I have seen and been witness to abortion talks before, but never something this deep. You are amazing at what you do. Thank you so much for doing this for us students at LCHS. Keep doing what you’re doing. I know that had I been pro-choice, you would have easily changed my mind. You have left a very big footprint in my life.

Maria T. Gonzalez, Lansing Catholic High School


Author, Founder/CEO Coastline Women's Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I have known Michael Spencer for over four years. I consider him a trustworthy friend and consider myself honored to know him and serve alongside him in every effort to support life. On a professional level, I have heard Mike speak in several different arenas all of which he did an outstanding job. Mike has a gift of drawing his listeners in, educating, challenging, and igniting a passion within them. I don’t hesitate to recommend Mike every chance I get. Most recently, Mike was the keynote speaker for our 2016 fundraising banquet. Our guests are still raving about his presentation and we were blessed to raise the desired funds of $ 89,000. In addition, Mike makes it a habit to go above and beyond to meet the needs of every community he is blessed to serve. His rapport is wonderful, his passion is contagious. He is very relational and makes everyone he meets feel like a personal friend. In my opinion, one of the best pro-life speakers of our time.


First Baptist Church, Covington, Indiana

As a Christian I feel the need to be an advocate for the unborn. As a pastor I feel the responsibility of ushering our folks to think biblically about the issue of abortion. I live by the conviction to preach the truth, but with a sensitivity toward those who’ve had abortions and cannot undo what is done. Mike did an excellent job bringing redemptive language to this issue. He handled this very sensitive issue with grace as he explained the facts about abortion, laid out the biblical platform on which we should stand, and pointed those who’ve traveled down that road in the past toward healing. He was both effective and safe. He instructed us on how to be ready with an answer for those who bought the lie and he didn’t leave us a mess to clean up after he was gone. He is an incredible communicator and I highly recommend him to any church.


President, AU Pro-Life, Anderson, Indiana

Mike Spencer was the keynote speaker at AU Prolife 2013 – Anderson University’s first-ever prolife event. Indiana Right to Life referred my organization to Michael, saying that he was a fantastic speaker who fought for the right to life with great passion. Michael graciously agreed to speak at our event. His presentation was beyond excellent. His speech contained the appropriate balance of emotion and reason so as to convince even the toughest skeptic. One of the event attendees, herself a pro-choice advocate, remarked of Michael that he had presented the prolife position in a non-offensive way that compelled her to think more deeply about the issue. Michael is a truly gifted speaker that I believe God has ordained with the ability to convince others that life is the paramount right above all others. I am always willing to speak personally with anyone who has questions regarding Michael’s style and presentation.


Directional Pastor | Victory Church Boca Raton, Florida

I heard Mike Spencer speak on the subject of defining and making a case for life at an event our leadership attended. Immediately, we had to bring him in to speak in our worship service and to conduct a workshop. There was no better communicator that could deliver such truth, packaged with so much grace and empathy, given the multicultural and diverse group within our congregation. If anyone is qualified to speak on the subject, Mike is. We have decided to have him back every year during our pro-life weekend.


Pettisville Missionary Church, Pettisville, Ohio

As Christians, we need to willingly engage the culture and courageously articulate the biblical view of human life. This isn’t always easy. Sometimes we scramble for the right words to speak. This is where Mike Spencer excels. He equips believers to be a voice of truth in the marketplace of ideas. His workshop, “Making The Case for Life”, is excellent. It provides not only the right words to speak, but the right motive and attitude with which to speak them. I highly encourage pastors to invite Mike to your local church. The result will be that your people will have a renewed passion for the unborn and will feel confident in their everyday conversations on this timely issue.


Trinity Evangelical Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I have known Michael Spencer for 30 years, working side-by-side with him in both church ministry and pro-life advocacy. I have admired his deep convictions, tenacity, integrity, and resolve to stand for righteousness. These inward qualities are what drives his passion for the preborn. This passion is especially evident when speaking at conferences, rallies, and churches. Not only does he move an audience to action, but he also trains, equips, energizes, and emboldens them. This ability to provide both heartening inspiration and relevant content is a unique gift, one that Michael has mastered quite well. 


Wabash Valley Right to Life, Terre Haute, Indiana

Mike has a pastor’s compassion and a prophet’s passion for the cause of life. He believes in the message he presents – that life matters from the womb to the tomb. At our 2016 Boot Camp, Mike gave excellent training for 25 university students. Mike exerted great energy during his evening presentation and the students soaked it up. Because of the WVRTL board’s confidence in Mike’s message, we invited him to be the speaker for the January 2017 Benefit Dinner. Comments from table hosts proved that our choice was right. And donations were the best ever.


Caroline Bowes

Centralia 40 Days for Life, Centralia, Washington

What an honor and pleasure it has been to get to know Mike Spencer and host him here in WA. As campaign leader for Centralia 40 Days for Life, I felt the need to better equip and train my participants as well as encourage and exhort my community to answer God's call to defend the defenseless - and we were honored to have Mike deliver a message that did just that. As a man that is devoted to Christ and passionate to convey God's heart for his little ones, Mike's messages are given with reverence and respect to those who may be suffering from abortion, yet a sense of urgency and convicting exhortation to repent from apathy and courageously be a voice for the unborn. I and all who attended learned much and feel better equipped with good talking points and tools to defend our pro-life views in a concise and compelling way using science and philosophy. We are already looking forward to having him back again, and I would highly recommend him to all 40 Days for Life campaigns - his expertise and passion are invaluable! 


Erin Hart, Superintendent

Three Rivers Christian High School, Longview, Washington 

“Mike’s message challenges students to reconsider all of the rhetoric involved in the abortion conversations happening in America.  He speaks the truth in love about the value of life.  This is worthy stuff, especially in Christian schools, where we’re trying to raise up a new generation of leaders who can understand the nuances of difficult arguments that require both the heart and head.”

Erik Ritschard, Principle

Santiam Christian High School, Adair Village, Oregon

I can always tell when we’ve received an exceptional chapel message – our students want to talk about it! Mike came and spoke to our junior high/high school chapel service, and gave us a fantastic presentation highlighting compelling arguments for a pro-life position, and discussing and helping us know how to answer the rhetoric of “pro-choice.” His dynamic speaking style, use of story, and obvious passion kept our students attentive from start to finish. We’ve had a number of great staff conversations since he spoke as well – mostly centered around being grateful for the challenge Mike brought to overly comfortable assumptions, and the way he sparked our students to think. We hope he can come back!

Jennifer Macdonald, Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center 

Mike captivates his crowds with a tailored speech whether to high schools students, pastors or for your banquet. He blessed BWPCC with speaking to 2 high schools and a group of pastors while he was visiting us for our banquet. He uses reason, science and faith to influence and empower his audience. He spoke with authority and precisio and with compassionate grace that God loves and forgive. His communication and people skills are excellent. His attention to detail and his desire to understand our ministry to provide the best possible presentation was greatly appreciated. Mike Spencer was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Mike Spencer as a speaker at any type of pro-life related event. 


Vesna Radeka, Director, Pregnancy Care Center Choose Life - Serbia

It is not uncommon to hear a speaker who is well-informed or passionate or relevant. But to have opportunity to hear someone who is all three is priceless. Mike Spencer is that speaker! While attending Heartbeat International’s annual conference in Atlanta in 2016, I attended Mike’s workshop, “Helping Pastors Find Their Voice for The Voiceless.” The content provided was exactly what I needed and I knew my colleagues in Europe needed this too. I invited Mike to come to Serbia to address ministry directors from over 15 Eastern European countries. As a result, 30 pregnancy care center directors and their staff are now much better equipped to serve as the voice for the voiceless in their countries. Mike knows his subject and shares it from the heart. He has blessed the Balkan Region with wisdom and compassion and has strengthened our resolve. He is welcome here, forever. I highly recommend Mike Spencer.


Matt Tschudy, Principal, Luther Northwest High School - Rochester Hills, Michigan

It is essential in today’s world that young men and women are equipped with information to defend and advocate for the pro-life position.  Mike Spencer did just that.  Our student body was blessed to listen to a one hour presentation where Mike intelligently and passionately advocated for the pro-life perspective.  Mike was respectful and loving in his approach, and did an excellent job connecting to all the high school students.  To keep the attention of high school students for an hour can be demanding.  To say that our students were engaged and listening is an understatement.  After his presentation, I had numerous students and families express how thankful they were in the approach Mike took.  I highly recommend Mike Spencer to any organization, especially at the high school level, that is interested in teaching people how to intelligently and respectively defend and promote the pro-life perspective.