It’s getting old, but we continue to hear from many in the media and from the well-funded abortion machine that conservatives, especially pro-lifers, are “waging a war on women.” The pro-life movement is routinely portrayed as a bunch of bullying men trying to control women.

Earlier this year comedienne, feminist and “pro-choice” advocate, Sarah Silverman, produced a 5-minute shock video in which “Jesus Christ” appears to her and commissions her to speak out against people using His name to spread “intolerance and oppression.” In short, the video blasphemes Christ, portraying Him as a vulgar, feminist “bestie” that lies around eating popcorn and watching NCIS episodes. The video is a shameless, sexually obscene, “pro-choice” propaganda piece loaded with outrageous ad hominem attacks and junk science. Silverman confuses developing embryos with sperm cells and “Jesus” refers to embryos as “fertilized eggs”.

Shortly after the video’s debut, Silverman appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher and was asked about her video. Referring to unborn babies and the pro-lifers who defend them, she told an approving Bill Maher, “It’s goo that they’re so worried about and then they’re born and it’s, ‘You’re on your own slut! Don’t help them.” To be clear, Silverman denies the science of human embryology (human life begins at conception) by insisting preborn babies are nothing more than “goo”. Furthermore, she lumps all pro-lifers together, claiming that we call women who’ve had babies “sluts” and that we refuse to help them after their little ones are born.

Name-calling, a popular tactic many “pro-choice” advocates retreat to when short on solid arguments, is an attempt to lure us away from the central question, “What are the unborn?”, and into the weeds. Generally, we do well to avoid taking the bait. However, if they insist on going there, let’s consider the facts.

Currently there are approx. 560 surgical abortion clinics in the U.S., owned and operated primarily by men who profit financially off of women in crisis. Contrast this with approx. 2,450 pro-life pregnancy care centers in the U.S., led almost exclusively by women, for women, at no cost to women. These centers offer pre and post-abortion counseling, ultra-sounds, and a host of other services for FREE! The vast majority of these centers also offer parenting classes for which young moms earn points or tokens for attending which can be redeemed in their boutiques for free clothing, diapers, changing tables, Pack’n Plays, parenting resources, baby food, and even hand-made quilts & baby blankets! In addition there are nearly 300 maternity homes for unwed mothers throughout the United States, almost all of them run by Christians, and again, at no cost to women. In fact, the majority of women working in these ministries do so in a volunteer capacity.

Much more could be said in defense of the pro-life movement, but just follow the money: If the abortionist is the champion of women, why doesn’t he offer his services for free in her time of need? Jesus provides the answer, “a bad tree cannot bear good fruit”, (Matthew 7:18). The pro-life movement isn’t perfect, but thousands of pro-life advocates are working hard in these ministries to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of women in crisis and to rescue their little ones. These facts are not difficult to substantiate, which leaves one wondering why Sarah Silverman and her allies insist on saying otherwise.

Mike Spencer