On a recent flight home from a speaking engagement I sat next to a friendly and intelligent businessman. Originally from China, Wang Jun now lives as an American citizen in Cincinnati. After we introduced ourselves I asked about his work and learned that he represented a large company in the States with business interests in Shanghai, where he spends much of his time. Admitting my ignorance about life in China, he seemed pleased for the opportunity to educate me by fielding my questions.

Eventually, he asked about my work. I explained that I advocate for the unborn threatened by abortion. He sheepishly mentioned China’s notorious “one child policy.” When I asked what he thought about the policy, rather than directly stating his moral position, he exposed his embarrassment of it by happily reporting that it had been changed to a “two child policy.” He also emphasized that the policy was justified for population control and he claimed the policy is only enforced among “poorer families living in rural areas.” As we spoke it became clear that his discomfort over his homeland’s horrific “population control” efforts had nothing to do with the fact that babies were being killed, but only that mothers were not the ones making the decision to kill them.

Deng Xiaoping, the Communist Chinese leader who imposed the one child policy in the late 1970s, defended it by claiming it was needed to ensure that “the fruits of economic growth are not devoured by population growth” – typical doublespeak from a totalitarian government that views the state as supreme and the individual as expendable. In other words, thanks to forced abortion society is “relieved” of the undue burden of having to share their food with the next generation.

The brutality of China’s one (now two) child policy is obvious even to most defenders of abortion here in the United States. Revolting stories of women forcibly taken from their homes by “family planning” officials only to have their babies ripped from their wombs abound. In an attempt to distance itself from China’s barbarism, Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion conglomerate, offered lip service opposing China’s heartless policy: “Planned Parenthood Federation of America opposes coercive and inhumane reproductive policies and practices, including China’s one-child policy and the illegal practices of forced abortion and coerced birth control reported in some localities…The continued oppression of Chinese families through coercive reproductive policies must end.”

Planned Parenthood’s craftily scripted outrage is thin veneer. Remember, this is the organization caught red-handed ignoring reports of statutory rape, covering up sex trafficking of minors and selling fetal body parts. Could one imagine a more vicious enemy of children?

The fact is, China’s “inhumane” (to borrow Planned Parenthood’s word) policy is inhumane, not only because of what it does to mothers, but because of what it does to their children. China’s young mothers who’ve had their little ones robbed from their wombs have suffered a grave injustice. This wickedness is obvious to all, but what about the sadistic treatment of their babies who are dismembered, disemboweled and decapitated?

For many, America’s abortion laws, unlike China’s, appear cultured or “civilized.” After all, our government doesn’t limit family size and women aren’t forced by law to have abortions. It’s all about “choice,” we’re told. However, in reality, like communist China, America also has a forced abortion policy. It’s called Roe v. Wade. This is so because every abortion is a forced abortion since no child consents to being crushed or burned from his or her mother’s womb.

Though he avoided saying so, Wang Jun was rightfully ashamed of his homeland’s abortion laws, but not necessarily for all the right reasons. Abortion is evil whether a government forces it on pregnant mothers or whether a government sanctions a pregnant mother’s decision to force it on the child she carries. In both cases abortion is forced on a non-consenting child. And that happens every time abortion happens.

Mike Spencer